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Well, I thought of taking some time to write this evening. Everybody has expectations from people they care. It may not be a very big one but often they are little things. If those expectations are met, it gives immense happiness but when not it’s a disaster. Anger, one of the biggest output of such disaster I would say. Let me take myself as an example here. I’m a very sensitive person & so for me a little thing can disturb me so much. I have a close friend and we are not just talking since a very long time and I thought of initiating a conversation(Saying myself in mind, not to expect a reply). As expected, Oh, forgot to mention that, I was having this devil and angel in mind, the devil was whispering that there will be no response & why do you even sent a text message. Finally devil was right. There was no response and no blue tick even so far(Whatsapp brought this blue ticks to pressurize us at times). Then started the drama, though I was trying not to expect, I was expecting already and the disappointment just turned out to lash out in anger. Irritation for the sounds you hear, angry on mom for not making us a coffee(It was supposed to be an espresso) as decided earlier and I’m sure it will take some time for me to get back to normal. My point here is, this can be a silly reason but then it’s a simple truth that a very little thing can spoil our entire day. I won’t say not to expect but it’s always better we keep it low to ourselves as the damages caused can be minimal.

Couldn’t ignore the below which I just came across. Adding this with my post to make it more meaningful…

Courtesy ~ Arun Tilak, The Emotional Typewriter

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