A Lovely View After a Rainy Evening

Timee Capture Photography
The most missing spot of mine in recent days..!! One of my favorite clicks took with my Phone. ❤️

Who doesn’t love some silence? This was one such night of mine. One of my favorite pass time during night shifts is to go for a long walk, take some clicks like this, drink a black coffee and then push myself back to work. By the way, I bug my shift parter( my bro, as I call him) to join me. At times we go together else it happens to be my Me-Time. So this click happened during one such Me-Time. Yes, that’s my office building.

An awesome weather, no much people outside the blocks, so much of silence, the chill & tender breeze was brushing my skin as I walked. The only thing missing was that someone special to be by my side(Lovely weather would make anyone feel romantic. Don’t they?? 🙄) Well, it’s office anyway.😉 Amidst enjoying such a lovely time, got a call. It’s already an hour by then. I didn’t notice the time ticking. Now, that’s not my imaginary bf. It’s my bro calling..asking me to get back to work. I had to hault that enjoyment. However I managed to get this lovely click to add to my memory. ❤️

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