Live & Let Live..!! πŸ˜Ž


Has anyone realized that the mere thoughts about life or the scenarios you had to face makes you physically tired? If not, you can have it checked the next time as it’s something usual but we hardly realize.

It’s so important we live our life’s in the way we like. We all atleast once, would have come across the phrase “What would others think?” especially if you are an Indian. Well most of the time, our generation has an answer to it “I don’t care”. Perhaps, not all of us could follow the I don’t care policy as people are pressurized to the situations they are put up. It could be the thought about our parents, we unwilling does things which doesn’t excites us. But what is the gain in it? We sacrifice so much for our parents & family but is that all understood or reciprocated in a way which gives us happiness. Not often,I would say. Some may disagree with me while few doesn’t want to disclose it. It may not be the case in everyone’s life, but definitely it is a part of anyone who has taken up that responsibility of their family at a younger age. They do love their family but it’s just that they are locked up within the unbreakable boundaries.

Seldom, I have observed in people that I know, about handling such scenarios. Have wondered as well as respected such people. Not to mention that, I have also felt how it would feel like to restrict oneself from many things they would aspire to do.

There is something we all have to accept that, no matter what, our parents & family will always be there with us. Just because taking sometime for ourself will never tear them apart from our lives. Let it be choosing a decision to study or work abroad, be it buying something for yourself or maybe dressing up of your choice, even if it’s choosing your life partner, or anything which is bringing a joy to you should never be compromised. Our parents though they may oppose or dislike our decisions initially would definitely realize and stand with us always. The hard feelings they have with us will always fade away in the flow of our lives.

Don’t feel bad for wanting what you want and going for it.” ~Izey Victoria Odiase

So pals, let’s live a life we wanted and not just bound ourselves in a shell we our our society creates. Live and let live. 😊

Published by Smrithi Heya

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