Joy of Reading ~ The Dream

After starting my blog, the responses I received was overwhelming. It was totally unexpected. Among those conversations , I came to know from one of my college buddy that she had written a blog as well. Next moment she shared the link along with the access details as it was a private blog. Hmm…!! Well, I believe userid & password sharing is common among friends. Nothing official about it. πŸ˜‰

I was having this conversation with her amidst my work schedule and I had no way to read that immediately. Informed her on the same and also promised to look into it soon after my day’s work is done. Even before checking it out, I was so sure that I have something amazing waiting to be read.

The wait was over, it was evening, my work day was over and there I was excited to read my friend’s blog. As promised, I clicked the link, shared by her,entered the credentials and finally ready to start off. I then started, “Wait For The Bloom”.

She started off with a warning that no matter what you would not get away with it(Girls be ready 😈) it was not the exact words though. I just liked the way she had put it. She went ahead describing about marriage. Then narrating on how it happened to her it, then moving on to their various visits soon after marriage, their honeymoon trip and how soon they started to have their backs. It went on describing the various occasions she had come across & she made sure to capture all the dates of each one of it with a picture of the moment which was a delight to my eyes.

Then came the surprise..!! Wow 😍 she is pregnant . She beautifully portrayed that feel of getting into motherhood. The trust she had in God even before it was confirmed technically and the care she initiated from the day she felt another life inside her was amazing.

She then continued with her post detailing the days of pregnancy and cravings which then ended with a little angel coming out of her. It was such a pleasure to read it. Being a girl, reading those beautiful memories just brought a happy tear in my eyes.

Every girl, in this world would definitely have a dream about her phase of wedding & motherhood. When we take a typical south Indian girl, her dream would be to have a list of all pre-wedding shopping list which she does with the help of her friends & family (Some things may not be in that common listπŸ˜‰). You know why, because for every bride to be, will have a group of friends & cousin’s who helps you prepare a secret list which would definitely be a fun for the “Team Bride”. Then to have a busy schedule, doing all purchases, getting dressed up and enjoying all beautiful moments.

On the day of wedding, draping herself in the elegant silk saree, wearing the appropriate jewels and walking into the mandapam(the hall), then making herself comfortable sitting near the groom, giving a glance with a glee. Then picturing the most awaited moment of the groom tying the knot to her and the crowd showering their blessings. It is always a dream moment for any girl.

Well more than the joy of this wedding dream, it’s always the thought of being a mother. Carrying a life within you, enjoying the nine months with an extra heart beat and all the care & attention you get from your husband & family, those would be the most precious days in every girl’s life which every women awaits in her lifetime.

I’m very thankful to my friend for sharing her precious memories with me and give me a walk-through of a lovely life which inspired me to write this post.

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