The Reason? šŸ¤”

It has been a long break for me from Blogging. I wasn’t ready to start and I’m still not sure what is going to be the output of this blog.

Well, to start with, I always had a question in mind on why certain things happen. It is said that there is some reason for everything that is happening to us. But what is the reason? Maybe we do find reasons for few things that occurs to us but definitely not all. For instance, you come across a situation in life where you have been cheated in some way by someone you trusted. When such a situation comes in you learn a lesson for life. You will be cautious post that, it will become so obvious for you to think multiple times to trust someone once again. In this case, you have the reason on why such a scenario occured. Let’s assume that it’s to make that person realize that one should not trust anyone so much.

Now, let’s say same situation reoccur in life though a precaution has been taken. Now what might be the reason? It’s not possible for anybody to live in this world by not trusting anyone. So it won’t make sense if we claim or assume the reason to be not to trust anyone. This is just a simple example. There can be more complicated one’s as well where anyone would wonder on its occurrence.

Source & Copyrights : Michelle Holliday

So what are your thoughts or opinion on things happening in life. In specific, what do you think the reason would be when repeated things happen in life inspite of being cautious?

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