Thoughts #90

Expectations is natural phenomena (when you respect/admire someone or whenever you feel/do something good with pure intentions for someone) but it leads you to disappointment which hurts the most sometimes. You can’t get rid of it completely for forever but all you need is to get through this to put really hard efforts to neutralize […]

Thoughts #90

The Reason? πŸ€”

It has been a long break for me from Blogging. I wasn’t ready to start and I’m still not sure what is going to be the output of this blog.

Well, to start with, I always had a question in mind on why certain things happen. It is said that there is some reason for everything that is happening to us. But what is the reason? Maybe we do find reasons for few things that occurs to us but definitely not all. For instance, you come across a situation in life where you have been cheated in some way by someone you trusted. When such a situation comes in you learn a lesson for life. You will be cautious post that, it will become so obvious for you to think multiple times to trust someone once again. In this case, you have the reason on why such a scenario occured. Let’s assume that it’s to make that person realize that one should not trust anyone so much.

Now, let’s say same situation reoccur in life though a precaution has been taken. Now what might be the reason? It’s not possible for anybody to live in this world by not trusting anyone. So it won’t make sense if we claim or assume the reason to be not to trust anyone. This is just a simple example. There can be more complicated one’s as well where anyone would wonder on its occurrence.

Source & Copyrights : Michelle Holliday

So what are your thoughts or opinion on things happening in life. In specific, what do you think the reason would be when repeated things happen in life inspite of being cautious?

Social Media News, Critics, Criticism & Opinions

Are you an active person in Social Media? Then definitely you will be able to relate to my thoughts & reflect.


I’m not so sure about when I exactly started noticing these so called critics. But then it has got into my head during this Corona days. During these recent times, irrespective of the situation, news, or whatever may be, everyone has an opinion on it (Well, I’m not against voicing out opinions as it’s our right). But when you have an opinion on something especially when it is a highly serious one or an important social issue, or even politics, the one who is criticizing it should have atleast a minimum knowledge on that matter. That is not the case now. I have come across scenarios where, even a school student had made derogatory comments with no proper data or knowledge on the topic. It has become a fashion that if there is a news, people will have to make some comments whether or not they are aware of what it is. When a celebrity or any person which is liked by majority of the people, backs such news, then there is no second thought, it would be a blind follow up with so many statements & criticism floating around. Some even takes it to the level where they starts abusing the people who goes against them. Anyone with a phone & an active social media account, then the drama begins.

There are two types of news as well, these days. One is commercialized and the other is the genuine one. What happens is, the increase in news which has commercial value or a news with either political motive has gained success over the genuine one’s. Hence people nowadays are finding it difficult to understand & differentiate them. So whichever news comes in people just gives their opinions & some criticize it & the real news is lost somewhere.

β€œOpinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.”- Plato

Any educated person should think twice when you step into those comment sections. Should give the thought if that is really necessary. Because at the end of the day, by dropping a comment, the criticism received or thrown at, or the abuse made in between the conversation is just not going to benefit either of the persons involved in it. If it’s a commercial thread then you are just being a moderator there in spreading the news and making it popular. Most of those viral news has no value to the people if you realize. You are just helping those social media pages to achieve their goal. So be wise before misusing your knowledge or energy. Opinions or constructive criticism is good to put it through, but then you should know where, to whom & the platform you are to put across.

#234. THE THING NOBODY TALKS ABOUT: One-Liner Wednesday

I have always wondered, what people could have possibly achieved with all the extra seconds they have saved by typing just β€˜k’, β€˜U’ and β€˜S’ in the messengers and email communications! #JustAsking This post is written for One-Liner Wednesday: October 14th

#234. THE THING NOBODY TALKS ABOUT: One-Liner Wednesday

The Calmness behind the Strength

There are lot of people amongst us who are so strong mentally. They can undergo any extreme scenarios in life and they face each of it confidently not bothering about the result. Not all can be that way. However there is a the other side of such people. Maybe not most doesn’t show that side of theirs to the outside world. It’s the side, which struggles but still appears or projects to be calm. Calm mind will help you think productive. It can give you the power to a clarified road to destination. Infact, being calm mentally will allow to fall things in place without being stressed out.. Stay Calm & Stay Strong..!!

My Next VentureπŸ’ƒπŸ»

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Little Things β€οΈπŸ˜€

Have you all felt happiness in the little things in life?

We all run a busy life, kids busy with studies and games, teenagers busy with social media and lives in their own world, rest either busy at work or at home doing the chores and the list goes on..

Amongst these tight schedules and the stressful days, we all would have had moments where we go gaga with some silliest reasons. Might be a sudden hug from mom or a simple smile from a random person, a text from your loved one. It can even be that moment after you give a small helping hand to someone. Some soothing words or a little action can bring a change in everybody’s life.

So why not we all take the pledge to bring a smile in someone’s face. A little thing can make a big difference..!! 😊 Be a reason for someone’s happiness in life.

Mr & Mrs KAYA

These pictures just popped up as a result of my dad’s innovative thinking. He just came across these face like pieces amidst cutting vegetables(Well, my dad is an amazing cook..!!) and then asked me to click a picture of it. Then we thought why don’t we just create a character out of it, that’s how Mr. & Mrs. KAYA happened.

The first image is them posing for a click while the second is the one after a fight. πŸ˜‰ Thought I would share this little creativity of God, the one who creates wonderful things, no matter what. 😊

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